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Ridgeback Creek Hog Contest|Texas Hog Hunt


Starting in July (2014) we will be doing a Hog Contest for the biggest hog taken at Ridgeback Creek and it will last until the end of next year(2015) and whoever has the biggest hog by the end of 2015 will win a FREE HUNT the following year.

What the contest consists of:

  • Every year we will be doing a Big Hog Contest but for 2014 the hunters will begin being entered in August.

  • Each hunter that comes to Ridgeback Creek will have a chance to enter the weight of the first pig taken during the hunt.

  • Only the first pig taken during the hunt will be weighed and entered in the Contest for a free hunt.

  • All efforts will be made to retrieve your pig, but if you shoot a pig and can not find it then your first pig can not be entered in the contest, so make those shots count.

  • All pigs will be weighed with the scales at our cleaning facilities and recorded prior to being gutted.

  • In addition to the Big Hog Contest for those hunters that purchase an additional meat hog during their hunt, their name will be put in a drawing for a free meat hog on their next hunt, and winners will be chosen at the end of the year.

Free hog hunt

First Place Randy 265 lbs

free hog hunt

Second Place Cheyenne 255  lbs

free hog hunt

Third Place Daniel 212 lbs

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